E-commerce Chatbot How To Deploy Them on WhatsApp

7 advantages of chatbots for your e-commerce business

chatbot e-commerce

A consistent brand voice on several social platforms will create an image of your brand in customers’ minds. For example, if your brand voice is customer satisfaction and positivity. Your chatbots should represent them in the conversation in which e-commerce store owners create an indelible image in their target audience’s minds. In the same way, a chatbot with a human touch will captivate customer attention and strengthen your brand voice.

chatbot e-commerce

If you integrate a chatbot in a messaging app, you can get even more out of the conversational commerce experience. Unlike a web chat where conversations disappear after they are solved, you can re-kindle an old conversation on a messaging app at any point. Once customers end up on a landing page from an ad, a chatbot could welcome them, and offer help. You could even have the bot ask your customers questions or entertain them with a funny quiz to gather more insights and offer them tailored products.

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Even if you could provide human support around the clock, it’s still impossible to be everywhere at the same time. Even a well-staffed customer support team can struggle to always answer questions or provide information in real-time, especially in the event of unforeseen traffic spikes. But, again, an ecommerce bot has no difficulties scaling up its support capacity to handle any amount of traffic, with the bonus of it not costing any extra as no additional humans need to be onboarded.

  • Using chatbots puts your business where plenty of customers are, so your brand stays visible and more buyers have purchase opportunities.
  • Today, these virtual assistants can replace many services, such as call centres and customer service centres.
  • Using chatbots, you can provide personalized experiences at all customer touchpoints.
  • In the future, the impact of chatbots is going to become even more drastic.

Different, clever, and fun, Insomnobot 3000 has generated press and definitely got people talking. As Casper VP Lindsay Kaplan stated ‘Some nights, it’s just impossible to fall asleep, so I think Casper wanted to create something that’s a friend that keeps you up at night’. Operating between the hours of 11pm and 5am, Insomnobot3000 is designed to be a companion for people with insomnia. For the non-Brits out there, PG Tips is a tea brand owned by the multinational company Unilever. To get started, users can enter a word or phrase that explains what they are looking for. The virtual stylist is far more exciting, helping users find the right style, fit, rise, and even stretch of jeans.

Why do I need an e-commerce chatbot?

The eCommerce chatbot can interact with customers, understand their requirements based on the conversation, and offer relevant product recommendations. Denim retailer Levi’s ecommerce chatbot covers all the bases – it offers customer support and acts as a virtual stylist. AI chatbots allow you to get an overview of the total messages sent by the users.

chatbot e-commerce

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